PSR Education Fund

Dr. P. S. Ramanathan Memorial Education Fund – an initiative to ensure that all children have equal

opportunities to go to school and build the proper foundation for a successful life. At the start of a

new academic year, while one group of children is excited about going to school, there is yet another

group of children for whom school still remains a distant dream. Due to a lack of basic school-related

essentials, these children stay out of school and miss out on the benefits of basic education. These

children, like all others, are full of enthusiasm, hopes and dreams but unfortunately they lack the

opportunities needed to succeed in life.

Now you can make a difference to their lives by helping them create a bright and successful future

for themselves.

For just Rs. 4000 a year you can sponsor the education of a lesser privileged child…To ensure

continuity and progress, we also believe that donors should ideally carry on the sponsorship till the

child reaches the 10th Standard.

So far, 70 children at Ambernath, have been the grateful beneficiaries of the Dr. PSR Education Fund since 2010. Many more

children await your sponsorship for getting a decent education which will help them become better

citizens in future…