Edufest 2012

Edufest 2012

The Edufest 2012 theme was titled ‘Udaan Aashaon Ki’. The success of this year’s event was greater than any of the previous years’, drawing a crowd participation of over 250 children from children’s homes across Maharashtra and Gujarat. The focus was on Career Guidance and this took the children to a world of countless new possibilities and career vistas. It aimed at channelizing the interests of the children towards different careers based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory.

85 practitioner faculty members having different professions and expertize were brought in to give the children hands-on sensitization to different vocations and guide them thereafter with interactive sessions. Dress changers from Ukraine and Russia entertained the children through a dramatic live performance, followed by an orchestra of visually disabled artists who reinforced the idea that nothing is impossible!

Schedule of Edufest 2012:-


  • Inaugural ceremony

-Mrs. Urvashi Saxena, Mrs. Sonali Khopkar, Mr. Suyog Marathe

  • Setting the context of Multiple Intelligences
  • Working around personal constraints
  • Plenary Session- Physical and Kinaesthetic Genius
  • Interpersonal Genius
  • Visual-Spatial Genius
  • Intrapersonal Genius
  • Variety Entertainment Programme
  • Moon Gazing

The Video Coverage of the events that took place on Day 1 of Edufest 2012:-

Edufest 2012- Day 1


  • Existential Genius
  • Naturalistic Genius
  • Musical and Rhythmic Genius
  • Verbal Linguistic Genius
  • Mathematical Genius
  • I am the Best- Akash ko Chhune ka Manobal
  • Academic Choices and Management of other  Distractions
  • Closing ceremony

-Mr. Pradeep Lokhande

  • Entertainment programme

The Video Coverage of the events that took place on Day 2 of Edufest 2012:-

Edufest 2012-Day 2

We also had our students interact with the Pamnelists, some of which can be seen here:

Students Interaction


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