Rice Donation (2014)

  • Rice Donation (2014)
  • Rice Donation (2014)

A new project started by Udaan Welfare Foundation is donating 400 kg of Rice to different NGO’s serving food to various beneficiaries including Children, Women & Senior Citizens.

We have shared 750 kg of rice with different NGO’s since January 2014 :-

  1. Mukta Jivan, Vehloli (Immuno-compromised Children)
  2. Dharama Bharti Mission, Govandi (Underprivileged Children & Women)
  3. Anugrah Children’s Home, Ambernath (Underprivileged, orphan children)
  4. Vidhya Adhaar Pratisthan, Virar (Underprivileged children)
  5. Environmental Medical Association, Pathraj Village, Karjat (Underprivileged children, women, Senior Citizens)

We intend making this effort on a monthly basis and share the grains with different NGO’s as our donor database continues to grow.

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